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Boat Consignment Program in Boynton Beach - Let South Florida Marine Sell Your Boat For You!

Boat Consignment

Boat Consignment

Skip the Stress. We’ll Sell your Boat for You!

Do you have a boat taking up space but don’t want the hassle of selling it online yourself? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this for you! Take advantage of our boat consignment service for an easy, stress-free boat sale.

We’ll make sure your boat is also ready to sell, taking care of any necessary boat repairs and/or detailing services.

How Does Boat Consignment Work?

We’ll sell your boat the same way a realty broker sells a home or property. We’ll demo your boat for qualified prospective buyers and take care of the final financial transaction and transfer of title to the new owners. We charge 10% of the commission on the sale, and the rest is yours.

What We Offer:

  • A safe, convenient place to store and sell your boat.
  • Added safety, as no strangers will be going to your home to view the boat.
  • We’ll list your boat on our website, Boat Trader, and Craigslist. Thanks to our large customer-base and knowledgeable staff, our consignment option will help you sell your boat in no-time!
  • Service techs, qualified sales staff and a finance specialist to help buyers through the process.
  • We’ll get top dollar for your boat. We do not advertise at a price below your designated asking price unless an official reduction has been authorized by you. If after 30 days and no sale, we may contact you about renegotiating the selling-price, but only with your approval.

All You Need:

  • Title or registration of boat
  • Driver's license
  • Specifications and photos of boat

Contact South Florida Marine

Let us find you the right boat or parts so we can get you on the water right away! Call us at (561) 737-9423 or stop in today!